Our lenses are crafted at our state of the art Gazing Lab.  We do not charge extra for Anti Reflective and Scratch Coating to ensure that your lenses look cosmetically well in the frame of your choice for a long time.  Our Smar.t coating is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defect, so you can have confidence your lenses will perform well in your frame.  Find out more about our lens types below - for a quotation on your lens type, please initiate a chat below.

Single Vision 

This prescription lens accommodates either distance or near prescription - occasionally you might even have a prescription for somewhere in between like your VDU, this is what we call intermediate.  Your optometrist will have made a recommendation when issuing your prescription and what they're for, your near prescription is usually called your ADD on the document supplied by your optometrist.  If your prescription has both distance and near prescriptions, you may benefit from bifocals or varifocals.


This lens will help you see both near and far.  The upper portion of the lens will have your distance prescription in it, while your bottom segment (you can clearly see this in bifocal lenses) accommodates your near prescription.  While this lens is popular, it's generally not recommended for people who have busy lifestyles, enjoy driving, using computer screens and working across all focal lengths.  We do supply them, but they're not that popular nowadays.


Our varifocal technology has been developed to give you a wide field of vision across distance, near and everything in between.  If you have a busy life driving, using computers and reading, our lenses will help.  They're very easy to adapt to and can be fitted in most frames, meaning you don't need to compromise your style for functionality.